10 Cool Halloween Ideas For Your Truck or Jeep

Halloween is just around the corner and if you own a truck or a Jeep you may just want to change-up how you do things this year. Forget trying to find a costume for that Halloween party, or dressing up for the office thing – thats so last year. No, no, this year you need to dress up your ride. It shows a) you are committed to the Halloween spirit and b) your proud of your vehicle. To help you get started here are 10 cool Halloween ideas for your truck or Jeep. And if you have done this before or planning on doing it this year share your ideas and photos, we’d love to see what else is possible.  

1 – The Mater tow truck look-a-like from Disney’s Cars.


2 – Turn your pickup truck into a Pirate ship – go the extra mile and give yourself the Jack Sparrow look.


3 – Transform the bed of your truck into a haunted house for halloween.


4 – Turn the bed of your truck into an Angry Birds level.


5 – Create a Jeep Wrangler zombie killing machine.


6 – The hardcore approach to halloween. This may also be in preparation for a zombie apocalypse, we’re not totally sure.


7 – The Jurassic Park themed Jeep, because dinosaurs are always cool


8 – Turn your Jeep into a children’s dream vehicle – the Lego Jeep.


9 – Create the halloween jeep spiders nest.


10 – Maybe the scariest thing of all for Halloween – a Toyota Prius pickup truck. I can hear the screams already.

  Did that get your Halloween creative juices flowing? Do you have something else in mind? Share your thoughts with us below.   See all these and a few more on our Pinterest board.    

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