10 Ways You Can Prepare For SnowPlow Season

There’s nothing like the brilliant color of autumn leaves to mark the change of the season. As the temperature begins to drop and the winds increase, we’re given fair warning that winter is on its way. And along with the change of season comes the to-do list – the one you use to prepare for the colder weather. Things like cleaning the gutters, trimming up the landscaping, and arranging for your furnace inspection are necessary if you’re going to get ready for old man winter. If you are part of the snow-removal industry, performing a pre-season snowplow inspection is a yearly practice that is recommended. Any needed maintenance work should be done prior to the first winter storm warning. If you installed your snowplow by yourself, you probably will perform this pre-season check on your own.  Otherwise, the people who installed your plow will do the inspection (assuming you take it in). Many dealers offer a pre-season snowplow inspection for a small fee.  

If you’re planning to do it yourself, here are some things to remember:

  1. Change the hydraulic fluid.
  2. Grease the vertical pin (on v-plows) and other important wear points.
  3. Clean, inspect and grease all electrical connections.
  4. Check all nuts and bolts for tightness.
  5. Check the plow cylinders, hoses and pump for leaks
  6. Tighten the trip and return springs.
  7. Inspect all welds in plow structure and vehicle mount.
  8. Inspect and re-torque all fasteners on the vehicle mount.
  9. Inspect the lights and properly adjust and align the plow lights.
  10. Make sure all plow functions work properly.
But as with anything, make sure you refer to your snowplow instruction manual when working on it.  

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