2014 SEMA Show – Almost Time!

The 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV is just around the corner – 3 weeks to be exact. That means its time to check out what the industry has been up to this past year and meet with some of our favourite customers. But it also means that we get to see some new trucks and Jeeps and check out all the creativity that SEMA members are known for. Here are a 3 of our favourites from the 2013 SEMA Show. Chevrolet Silverado  Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Toyota Tundra And we will definitely be there sporting the Timbren flag at booth#33031. If your going to be at SEMA this year stop by and say hi!

Another First For The Axle-Less

  You may have noticed some posts lately on popular social sharing sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ regarding something new for our Axle-Less trailer suspension. In November of 2011 our Axle-Less trailer suspension won the Best New Off-Road Product of The Year award – pretty exciting! Since then it has taken off, selling all over the world, as far away as Australia, Europe and the United Arab Emirates. Its definitely been an incredible journey for the suspension so far.     Here’s something else we think is exciting… Just last week we launched a new year/make/model style product lookup for the Axle-Less trailer suspension. This is a first for the industry! So, why are we able to offer this great feature on our web site? No thru-axle. In other words, when the axle (the axle dimensions) is removed from the mix, we are able to offer a simple product lookup…one that works on any frame width on just about any trailer. Try our new product lookup for the Axle-Less trailer suspension. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you realize how simple and easy it is. And we know you’re going to want to try it on your next trailer project.    

Ford Raptor vs. Chevy Reaper

Ever since the Ford Raptor hit the market in 2010, the competition has looked on with curiosity – and perhaps a little skepticism. Some thought it was a fad, and that it wouldn’t last. But the Raptor has proven to be more popular than Ford originally predicted at the time of its first launch. And as a result, the Raptor has created a new niche within the truck segment: The performance pickup. Products like Toyota’s TRD Pro Series and Dodge’s Ram Runner have answered this new challenge with half-hearted attempts. Chevy’s ZR2 and All Terrain concepts offered nothing solid. Until now. Meet “The Reaper” – a supercharged 2014 Silverado power house built by Lingenfelter and Southern Comfort Automotive. Although no production details have been released, the Reaper could be Chevy’s answer to the Raptor. By looking at the chart below you can quickly see how similar they are. Aside from the added HP, the Reaper appears to be a “knock off” of the Ford Raptor.  
  Ford Raptor Chevy Reaper
Engine 6.2-liter V-8 (411 HP) 5.7-liter V-8 (475 HP) 6.2-liter V-8 (550 HP)
Headlights HID Xeon Headlamps HID Xeon Headlamps
Suspension Fox Racing Equipment Fox Racing Equipment
Rims Standard 17-inch beadlock Standard 17-inch beadlock Optional 20-inch
Exhaust Corsa Corsa
What do you think of the Chevy Reaper?  Does it have enough of an edge to be the elusive “Raptor Killer”?   The Chevrolet Reaper   The Ford Raptor      

The Truth About “Severe Service” Kits

Let’s be honest. The customer service team at Timbren gets calls from customers all the time who think the load they’re hauling requires a “severe service” kit. Somehow they think ‘more’ is better. The truth about “severe service” is… not everyone needs it! You may ask, “What’s so special about a severe service kit?”     Good question. The secret of a severe service kit is found in the style of the hollow rubber spring. Most rubber springs used on pick-up trucks are double-convoluted, providing a perfect blend of capacity and ride quality. But the rubber springs used for “severe service” are single-convoluted. Unless you’re hauling a slide-in camper or using a salt spreader, you do not need a severe service kit.     Why? Compared to the double-convoluted style, single-convoluted springs are shorter and wider, designed to resist weight more aggressively. The result is reduced ride quality in exchange for more stability.  

So, here’s the truth of the matter:

  “More” is not always better! Using a severe service kit when one is not required will compromise your ride. Be sure to choose the appropriate Suspension Enhancement System kit in order to maximize stability and ride quality.    

Think Air Bags Are The Answer To Your Suspension Problems? Think Again

“I was going to install an air ride system on my pick-up, until I found your product online.  Should I go with your product or stay with air ride?” Fair enough. Here’s how air ride compares with Aeon® hollow rubber springs found inside our Suspension Enhancement Systems.  

1. Ride quality 

Air ride has one thing in its favor – its name. When you hear “air,” what do you think? Images of fluffy clouds and floating balloons, right? Now picture this: A football pumped up full of air. Not very soft, is it? That’s what an air bag is like when inflated to its capacity. The more air that is compressed into the bag, the harder the ride. So much for ride quality! On the other hand, Aeon® hollow rubber springs are designed to deliver great ride quality no matter how much load is on the vehicle.


2. Stability

If your pick-up truck has a slide-in camper in the bed, you will most likely experience 2 things: Roll and sway. An air ride system is unable to resolve this issue. Even though the control valves on an air ride system are meant to correct problems with lean, they can’t keep up with the constant shift in weight. Consequently, the camper will continue to roll and sway. On the other hand, Aeon® hollow rubber springs are designed to add stability by reducing roll and sway immediately.  

3. Reliability

Try to imagine an air bag – a thin membrane of rubber – pummeled by a fully loaded pick-up truck. Just like a balloon, when squeezed a little too hard, it bursts. That’s why, in three or four years, it’s quite possible that the air bags will start to leak. On the other hand, Aeon® hollow rubber springs are designed to endure the harsh pounding of a heavy load on a rough road. In fact, we offer a life time warranty with every Suspension Enhancement System kit – something you will never find from any air bag manufacturer.  

4. Ease of installation

Air ride systems have lots of components.  It’s a complicated system! After installing all the pipes, hoses and compressor, you’ve spent a lot of time and money. On the other hand, most SES kits take only a few minutes to install.  [Fact:  The installed price of a Timbren SES kit is about ½ the cost of the average air ride system.]  

5. Ease of use

An air ride system requires that you monitor its use constantly – adjusting the air pressure to match the load, and checking for leaks. On the other hand, there are no pipes, hoses, compressors or air bags to babysit.  After installation, the Timbren SES requires no maintenance whatsoever.  


If you’re sick of difficult installations, poor ride quality and constant maintenance then you may want to consider a different product. Check out our extensive line of Timbren Suspension Enhancement System kits for your vehicle.   Have you used a Timbren Suspension Enhancement System kit? Or have you used air bags? What has your experience been? Share this post around with your friends to save them the headache of air bags.    

Awesome Off-Roading!

“Clank!” If that sound is coming from your suspension it’s not a good thing. If you ‘bottomed’ the springs on your off-road vehicle the metallic “clank” means metal is hitting metal. And you’re at risk of bending or breaking your suspension.   The only way to fix that problem is to install rubber jounce stops. According to our customers, their favorite rubber jounce is our Aeon® hollow rubber springs. Aeon® hollow rubber springs take your off-roading experience from awful to “awesome.”  

“I have first-hand riding experience and I gotta say they work awesome! Not only are they cushy and able to soak up big bottom-outs gracefully, they do not ‘chunk’ like conventional bump stops.”  Red – TN

  Say goodbye to clink, clank and chunk! In order to protect the suspension and improve your riding experience, install Timbren Aeon® rubber springs. Our “cushy” springs soak up the shock of “big bottom-outs” gracefully. And that, in a word, is awesome! When you’re ready to leave the pavement behind for much rougher terrain, make sure you’re protected with Aeon® rubber springs. Check out our line of Aeon® rubber springs to protect your off-road vehicle.  

Are You Ready To Off-Road?

It’s been a long, cold winter. And it caught many of us by surprise. Can you believe how cold it got? Some weren’t prepared for the amount of ice and snow that fell from the sky.  And others weren’t prepared for any snow! Be that as it may, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for the worst, and hope for the best. As the earth begins to thaw and the snow starts to melt, we’re reminded that off-road season is fast approaching. Whether you’re into camping in the woods of Northern Ontario or rock crawling and river runs in Colorado, you’re going to want to prepare your rig for some fun off-roading. No doubt, you’ve beefed up your suspension. You’ve secured the necessary tools for your safety and comfort. Things like:
  • Full gas tank
  • Tow rope (heavy enough for your vehicle)
  • Spare tire and everything needed to make a change in the field
  • Portable air compressor
  • Navigational aids
  • First aid kit
  • Mobile phone
But let me ask you something. Are you planning to tow a trailer? If so, is your trailer ready for off-roading? Good question. And we have a great answer!  

“Get rid of the axle on your trailer!”

Image courtesy of Kakadu Camping   That’s right! And there is a way to do it. It’s called the Axle-Less Suspension. There’s nothing worse than wanting to travel over rough terrain, but deciding not to go because your trailer would never make it. (That sucks!) But imagine your trailer with no axle… and we mean no axle! It’s possible with the Timbren Axle-Less trailer suspension. Think of it… anywhere your tow vehicle can go, so can your trailer.     Let go of your limitations. Get the Axle-Less suspension for your trailer. Get the details here.      

How To Use Timbren Suspension Enhancement For Vehicle Safety

1. They level your load

There’s nothing worse than trying to drive a truck that – under a significant load – is unbalanced.  Let’s say your pick-up truck has a load of firewood in the back.  Consequently, your suspension is sagging much further than it should… and your headlights are pointing up into the trees…  Suddenly, it feels like you’re trying to steer a boat! The Timbren Suspension Enhancement System will level out your load.  Install a kit on your back axle and watch how it picks up the rear of your vehicle – right back to factory level.  No more headlights pointing into the trees.  Good bye, slushy steering. Your reduced stress and increased confidence will tell you that safety has been restored.  

2. They reduce road shock

Picture this:  You’re pulling a 5th wheel with your pickup truck.  Everything seems fine until you hit a dip in the road.  All of a sudden, you’re dipping and diving (some call it ‘porpoising’) all over the place.  I don’t have to explain how unsafe and difficult it is to drive when your trailer and pickup are doing the hokey-pokey all the way down the highway! A Timbren SES kit will effectively absorb road shock and, consequently, reduce the amount of travel between the frame and the axle of your pickup.  A smoother ride means more control.  And more control means a safe, comfortable ride.  

3. They control roll and sway

If your vehicle is carrying a top-heavy load, it’s not uncommon to experience roll and sway.  When you’re racing down the highway and a large truck passes you, your pickup is going to sway.  When you take a sharp corner, your truck is going to roll over to one side.  On a windy day, you’re going to get both roll and sway… and you will find yourself “white-knuckling” it as you try to gain control of your vehicle. The Timbren Suspension Enhancement System will stabilize your loaded vehicle.  You’ll find yourself relaxed and confident that you and your cargo are going to arrive safely at your destination.  

4. They add durability

Whether you know it or not, your truck takes a beating when it’s under a load.  When it’s extremely heavy, you run the risk of damaging your suspension.  Install a Timbren SES kit on your vehicle, and you will be adding capacity and durability to your suspension. As a result, your suspension is protected.  No more sagging and bottoming out.  No more broken leaf springs.  Needless to say, a protected and well-functioning suspension adds to the safety of its passengers.   Do you use Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems? Does your vehicle feel safer now? Lookup the kit for your vehicle here.