Awesome Off-Roading!

“Clank!” If that sound is coming from your suspension it’s not a good thing. If you ‘bottomed’ the springs on your off-road vehicle the metallic “clank” means metal is hitting metal. And you’re at risk of bending or breaking your suspension.   The only way to fix that problem is to install rubber jounce stops. According to our customers, their favorite rubber jounce is our Aeon® hollow rubber springs. Aeon® hollow rubber springs take your off-roading experience from awful to “awesome.”  

“I have first-hand riding experience and I gotta say they work awesome! Not only are they cushy and able to soak up big bottom-outs gracefully, they do not ‘chunk’ like conventional bump stops.”  Red – TN

  Say goodbye to clink, clank and chunk! In order to protect the suspension and improve your riding experience, install Timbren Aeon® rubber springs. Our “cushy” springs soak up the shock of “big bottom-outs” gracefully. And that, in a word, is awesome! When you’re ready to leave the pavement behind for much rougher terrain, make sure you’re protected with Aeon® rubber springs. Check out our line of Aeon® rubber springs to protect your off-road vehicle.  

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