Axle-Less Trailer Suspensions

The Axle-Less trailer suspension challenges everything you know about trailer suspensions. Its designed for any terrain – highway driving or the middle of nowhere.

Forget about the traditional trailer suspension that bounces and vibrates when empty. Our progressive rubber springs and premium urethane bushings creates a suspension that rides quiet and smooth whether its loaded or empty.


Our Axe-Less trailer suspension is unique and offers several features to improve your trailer experience.

  • Improves Ride & Handling
  •  Eliminates Trailer Sway & Roll
  •  Easy Bolt-On & Pop-In Installation
  •  Maintenance Free
  •  Satisfaction Guarantee
  •  Lifetime Warranty


We’re not the only ones who think our Axle-Less trailer suspension is awesome, others do to. In fact in 2011 we won the SEMA Best New Off-Road Product of the Year and in 2014 we won the NATDA Best New Product of the Year with our 7,000lbs model. 


Anything but Ordinary

Ordinary solutions solve ordinary problems. But something extraordinary is required when your problem is anything but ordinary. The award winning Axle-Less trailer suspension solves the difficult challenges that anybody leaving the blacktop will face.

Axle-Less Reviews

Don’t believe us? Here’s what others have to say about our award winning Axle-Less trailer suspension.