The New 2016 Ford Raptor

Did anyone just see Ford’s Facebook post? It looks like we finally have confirmation as to what the new 2016 Ford Raptor is going to look like.

It looks like those leaked concepts floating around for the past year were fairly accurate. However, aside from the physical appearance we don’t know any engine or drivetrain specs on the new truck.

Just going off of this one photo though I’d say Ford has done a great job at putting together the new truck. The new grill and contours on the hood give it the aggressive look you want in a Raptor. We can’t wait to see what more Ford will release on the new truck.



Sneak Peak – 2016 Toyota Tacoma

Introducing the 2016 Toyota Tacoma.

At first glance the revised Toyota Tacoma appears to be a much-needed step forward for the imported midsize pickup.

Everything about the new 2016 – from its chiseled, modern face to its fresh new tail lamps – says ‘muscular, sculpted, and buff.’

Toyota hasn’t released any details yet, but the badging on this truck suggests a V6 engine under the hood. Presumably we’ll have more specs and information on the 2016 truck next week during the Detroit Auto Show next week.

Read more over at AutoBlog.



A New F-150 Rock Crawler?

Could their be a new trim package coming down the line for the 2015 F-150? The photographers from KGP Photography may have caught a glimpse of what is to come. The photos show a 2015 F-150 with what looks like a totally new trim package. They noted that the wheel and tire combo was completely unbranded and surmise that it may hint at a special project between Ford Motor Co. and and unnamed tire manufacturer.

It was also noted that unlike the current F-150 models this one had exhaust tips located behind the rear wheels. On their website SEMA proposes that this could be done for optimal approach and departure angles which warrants the assumption that this could be designed with serious off-roading in mind.

Both SEMA and KGP Photography are suspecting a “rock crawler” edition of the truck is coming down the pipe, but we’ll have to wait and see what Ford has up their sleeve for this beloved truck.

For more info and speculation check out what SEMA wrote.



Ford Raptor vs. Chevy Reaper

Ever since the Ford Raptor hit the market in 2010, the competition has looked on with curiosity – and perhaps a little skepticism. Some thought it was a fad, and that it wouldn’t last. But the Raptor has proven to be more popular than Ford originally predicted at the time of its first launch. And as a result, the Raptor has created a new niche within the truck segment: The performance pickup. Products like Toyota’s TRD Pro Series and Dodge’s Ram Runner have answered this new challenge with half-hearted attempts. Chevy’s ZR2 and All Terrain concepts offered nothing solid. Until now. Meet “The Reaper” – a supercharged 2014 Silverado power house built by Lingenfelter and Southern Comfort Automotive. Although no production details have been released, the Reaper could be Chevy’s answer to the Raptor. By looking at the chart below you can quickly see how similar they are. Aside from the added HP, the Reaper appears to be a “knock off” of the Ford Raptor.  
  Ford Raptor Chevy Reaper
Engine 6.2-liter V-8 (411 HP) 5.7-liter V-8 (475 HP) 6.2-liter V-8 (550 HP)
Headlights HID Xeon Headlamps HID Xeon Headlamps
Suspension Fox Racing Equipment Fox Racing Equipment
Rims Standard 17-inch beadlock Standard 17-inch beadlock Optional 20-inch
Exhaust Corsa Corsa
What do you think of the Chevy Reaper?  Does it have enough of an edge to be the elusive “Raptor Killer”?   The Chevrolet Reaper   The Ford Raptor      

New Toyota Off-Road TRD Pro Package Introduced

At the 2014 Chicago Auto Show an awesome looking new TRD Package was introduced – the Toyota Off-Road TRD Pro Package. Touted as the next step in TRD off-road performance evolution, this new edition to the Toyota lineup is definitely going to grab some attention. Each 4Runner, Tundra and Tacoma with this new off-road package will include the following:
  • TRD Bilstein shocks with remote reservoirs
  • TRD-tuned front springs
  • TRD front skid plate
  • Unique front grille with “TOYOTA” badging (pays tribute to early iconic Toyota models)
  • TRD floor mats
  • TRD shift knobs
  • Black wheels
One of our favourite additions to this new off-road package is the “TOYOTA” badging on the front grille. Its nice to see Toyota paying tribute to the early, and definitely iconic, Toyota models.  

Using Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems Off-Road.

Adding a Timbren Suspension Enhancement System to one of these new off-road packaged vehicles will be an easy way to upgrade the existing suspension performance as well as protect it against the abuse its likely to receive. Off-Road vehicles are no strangers to abuse and neither are Timbren Suspension Enhancement System kits. Although originally designed for vehicles with heavy loads they can be used as Jounce bumpers to gently cushion big blows and prevent bottoming out that expensive new toy.   As of the writing of this post we don’t currently have a Suspension Enhancement System for these vehicles because they haven’t yet been released for us to design one. In the meantime check out the lifted kits we have available for lifted Jeep applications.     Source: TundraHeadquarters,    

2014 Toyota Tundra – How Does It Hold Up.

The Toyota Tundra has received a lot of heat over the years for not being “American Made”. So one of the first things we’d like to point out is that it has been designed, engineered and styled in the United States and to go one step farther its even assembled in the heart of truck country – TEXAS! With that out of the way lets move on to the brass tax. At Timbren we love to find out what these new vehicles (Trucks, Vans, SUV’s, etc) are capable of hauling. The 5.7-liter V-8 engine is strong enough to pull a lot of weight. The big question of course (at least for us here at Timbren) is how is it going to react and look under the stress of a big load. Is it going to sag and squat? Is the front end of the truck going to lift slightly off the ground, losing traction and creating an unsafe driving experience? Well lets look a little closer. The towing capacity of the 2014 Tundra is 10,000 lbs when properly equipped with a towing package. But even that doesn’t tell us much about our above questions (sag, squat, traction, etc.). Well the truth is its hard to know unless you do a real world test. How will you know how much its going to squat when hauling a big trailer or a load of dirt in the bed? Or how much its going to sway with a top heavy load like a slide-in camper? Or even how how much your Tundra is going to squat with a 900 lb snowplow 5 feet in front of the forward axle? The Answer – you won’t! But we can tell you that historically the Toyota Tundra performs and feels better with a Timbren Suspension Enhancement System kit on, but ultimately its up to you. But really who wants to buy a brand new truck and risk it looking weak under the stress of a load? Put a Timbren Suspension Enhancement System kit on it and make sure it doesn’t look like a sissy with a big load on it.

The Suspension Enhancement System

Here is the Timbren Suspension Enhancement System for the rear of the 2014 Toyota Tundra. It will add safety, comfort and stability to your ride and make it look tougher by holding up the loads you put on it. Check out what it can do for your truck. Source:   Hey we recently joined Google+, are you there too? Join the conversation. We’re also on Facebook & Twitter.    

Volkswagen, The Official Vehicle of the Sochi Winter Olympics

In Sochi, Volkswagen’s trying to show the world just how cool they are. As the official vehicle of the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia they have supplied over 3,000 cars (Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and other commercial vehicles), but without a doubt the most interesting, and definitely the coolest, is the Polar Expedition Amarok. Volkswagen has been a longtime icon in the smaller sport vehicle market, but they are definitely going to be turning heads with the hyped up Amarok. They are also releasing an Amarok Sochi Special Edition (as seen here), but it is definitely no where near as cool as the Polar Expedition model. These vehicles we’re designed to take 9 people from Moscow east toward Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, a 9,942 mile journey and judging by the look of the truck it wouldn’t have had any problem with that kind of expedition. All we have to say, is that Volkswagen you’re definitely a little bit cooler in our books now. source: autoblog, Volkswagen.