545kg Axle-Less Suspension with Long Spindle Arms

545kg Axle-Less Trailer Suspension


The popular 545kg Axle-Less trailer suspension is ideal for utility trailers. Even though smaller trailers are often abused and over-loaded, the durable Axle-Less suspension is designed to stand up under the toughest conditions. The Axle-Less design allows you to go off road without the usual limitations associated with a thru-axle.

This 545kg Axle-less trailer suspension comes with a long, straight spindle to accommodate wider, off-road tires…for trailers that won’t see much of the pavement.


Product Features

Customer Reviews

"The Timbren system is the answer for rear end sag and soft handling! My 35ft 5th wheel handles much better, and I recommend Timbren without reservation."

- Larry V. - QLD

“Timbren's work amazing! Absolutely as good or even better than air bags! Did it myself and only had time to drink 2 beer doing it! Easy install. Thanks for the advice. Simple yet very effective.”

Jonny K - VIC

Product Accessories

88440-2 idler hub for Axle-Less trailer suspension2500lbs Idler Hubs 4 Studs on 4.0" BC with 1/2 Stud. Part# 88440-2
88545-2 idler hub assembly for Axle-Less trailer suspension2500bs Idler Hubs 5 Studs on 4.5" BC with 1/2 Stud. Part# 88545-2

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