2364kg Axle-Less Suspension with 4″ Lift & Regular Spindle Arms

2364kg Axle-Less Trailer Suspension With 4" Lift


The 2364kg Axle-Less trailer suspension is not only durable but provides a quiet ride both on and off road. The ride is so smooth that you’ll forget you’re pulling a trailer. And don’t forget – there’s no thru axle! Wherever your tow vehicle can go, so will your trailer.

This 2364kg Axle-less trailer suspension comes with a 4” lift spindle for use with standard-width tires. Now your trailer can maintain maximum ground clearance while avoiding rocks, logs and stumps. For added braking power, a brake flange is included giving you the option to install brakes.


Product Features

  • No Thru Axle = No Hang Ups
  • 4" Lift For Maximum Ground Clearance
  • Brake Flange Included For Added Braking Power
  • Smooth Quite Ride Empty & Loaded
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish
  • Easy Bolt-On Installation
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Weights & Dimensions
  • Installation Instructions

Customer Reviews

"The Timbren system is the answer for rear end sag and soft handling! My 35ft 5th wheel handles much better, and I recommend Timbren without reservation."

- Larry V. - SD

“Timbren's work amazing! Absolutely as good or even better than air bags! Did it myself and only had time to drink 2 beer doing it! Easy install. Thanks for the advice. Simple yet very effective.”

Jonny K - NB

Product Accessories

82655 6000lbs Idler hubs for Axle-Less trailer suspension6000lbs Idler Hubs 6 Studs on 5.5" BC with 1/2" Stud. Part# 82655-2
500931 6000lbs Electric Brake hubs for Axle-Less Trailer suspension6000lbs Electric Brake Hubs 6 Studs on 5.5" BC with 1/2" Stud. Part# 500931LH/RH
501032 7000lbs Electric Brake Hub For Axle-Less trailer suspension7000lbs Electric Brake Hubs 8 Studs on 6.5" BC with 1/2" Stud. Part# 501032LH/RH
500886 7000lbs Electric Brake Hub for Axle-Less Trailer suspension7000lbs Electric Brake Hubs 8 Studs on 6.5" BC with 9/16" Stud. Part# 500886LH/RH

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