Silent Ride Trailer Suspension

The rugged and durable design of the Silent Ride ensures that, no matter what terrain you need to tackle, you will arrive with both your trailer and cargo in one piece. The equalizing capabilityof this suspension means that, even when your trailer is on a steep incline or propped up on a curb, the weight is evenly distributed between the two axles.


The Silent Ride trailer suspension is an unrivalled design to meet  a new set of standards.

  • Fully Equalizing Tandem Suspension
  • Exceptional Ride Quality
  • Easy Bolt-On Installation
  • Maintenance Free
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish
  • 3 Year Warranty, 5 Year Warranty on Aeon Rubber Springs

Walking Beam Design

The Tandem Silent Ride trailer suspension is unparalleled. It is designed with a walking beam
around a single pivot point, creating the most dynamic equalizing trailer suspension on the market.


Strong, Durable, Equalized.

Tested in the harsh climates of Canada and Australia to ensure the best in strength and durability. A unique design combining steel and rubber: a suspension formula that rides smoothly and lasts in any environment.

Customer Reviews

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