A New F-150 Rock Crawler?

Could their be a new trim package coming down the line for the 2015 F-150? The photographers from KGP Photography may have caught a glimpse of what is to come. The photos show a 2015 F-150 with what looks like a totally new trim package. They noted that the wheel and tire combo was completely unbranded and surmise that it may hint at a special project between Ford Motor Co. and and unnamed tire manufacturer.

It was also noted that unlike the current F-150 models this one had exhaust tips located behind the rear wheels. On their website SEMA proposes that this could be done for optimal approach and departure angles which warrants the assumption that this could be designed with serious off-roading in mind.

Both SEMA and KGP Photography are suspecting a “rock crawler” edition of the truck is coming down the pipe, but we’ll have to wait and see what Ford has up their sleeve for this beloved truck.

For more info and speculation check out what SEMA wrote.



Ford Raptor vs. Chevy Reaper

Ever since the Ford Raptor hit the market in 2010, the competition has looked on with curiosity – and perhaps a little skepticism. Some thought it was a fad, and that it wouldn’t last. But the Raptor has proven to be more popular than Ford originally predicted at the time of its first launch. And as a result, the Raptor has created a new niche within the truck segment: The performance pickup. Products like Toyota’s TRD Pro Series and Dodge’s Ram Runner have answered this new challenge with half-hearted attempts. Chevy’s ZR2 and All Terrain concepts offered nothing solid. Until now. Meet “The Reaper” – a supercharged 2014 Silverado power house built by Lingenfelter and Southern Comfort Automotive. Although no production details have been released, the Reaper could be Chevy’s answer to the Raptor. By looking at the chart below you can quickly see how similar they are. Aside from the added HP, the Reaper appears to be a “knock off” of the Ford Raptor.  
  Ford Raptor Chevy Reaper
Engine 6.2-liter V-8 (411 HP) 5.7-liter V-8 (475 HP) 6.2-liter V-8 (550 HP)
Headlights HID Xeon Headlamps HID Xeon Headlamps
Suspension Fox Racing Equipment Fox Racing Equipment
Rims Standard 17-inch beadlock Standard 17-inch beadlock Optional 20-inch
Exhaust Corsa Corsa
What do you think of the Chevy Reaper?  Does it have enough of an edge to be the elusive “Raptor Killer”?   The Chevrolet Reaper   The Ford Raptor