The New 2016 Ford Raptor

Did anyone just see Ford’s Facebook post? It looks like we finally have confirmation as to what the new 2016 Ford Raptor is going to look like.

It looks like those leaked concepts floating around for the past year were fairly accurate. However, aside from the physical appearance we don’t know any engine or drivetrain specs on the new truck.

Just going off of this one photo though I’d say Ford has done a great job at putting together the new truck. The new grill and contours on the hood give it the aggressive look you want in a Raptor. We can’t wait to see what more Ford will release on the new truck.



A New F-150 Rock Crawler?

Could their be a new trim package coming down the line for the 2015 F-150? The photographers from KGP Photography may have caught a glimpse of what is to come. The photos show a 2015 F-150 with what looks like a totally new trim package. They noted that the wheel and tire combo was completely unbranded and surmise that it may hint at a special project between Ford Motor Co. and and unnamed tire manufacturer.

It was also noted that unlike the current F-150 models this one had exhaust tips located behind the rear wheels. On their website SEMA proposes that this could be done for optimal approach and departure angles which warrants the assumption that this could be designed with serious off-roading in mind.

Both SEMA and KGP Photography are suspecting a “rock crawler” edition of the truck is coming down the pipe, but we’ll have to wait and see what Ford has up their sleeve for this beloved truck.

For more info and speculation check out what SEMA wrote.