Another First For The Axle-Less

  You may have noticed some posts lately on popular social sharing sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ regarding something new for our Axle-Less trailer suspension. In November of 2011 our Axle-Less trailer suspension won the Best New Off-Road Product of The Year award – pretty exciting! Since then it has taken off, selling all over the world, as far away as Australia, Europe and the United Arab Emirates. Its definitely been an incredible journey for the suspension so far.     Here’s something else we think is exciting… Just last week we launched a new year/make/model style product lookup for the Axle-Less trailer suspension. This is a first for the industry! So, why are we able to offer this great feature on our web site? No thru-axle. In other words, when the axle (the axle dimensions) is removed from the mix, we are able to offer a simple product lookup…one that works on any frame width on just about any trailer. Try our new product lookup for the Axle-Less trailer suspension. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you realize how simple and easy it is. And we know you’re going to want to try it on your next trailer project.