Think Air Bags Are The Answer To Your Suspension Problems? Think Again

“I was going to install an air ride system on my pick-up, until I found your product online.  Should I go with your product or stay with air ride?” Fair enough. Here’s how air ride compares with Aeon® hollow rubber springs found inside our Suspension Enhancement Systems.  

1. Ride quality 

Air ride has one thing in its favor – its name. When you hear “air,” what do you think? Images of fluffy clouds and floating balloons, right? Now picture this: A football pumped up full of air. Not very soft, is it? That’s what an air bag is like when inflated to its capacity. The more air that is compressed into the bag, the harder the ride. So much for ride quality! On the other hand, Aeon® hollow rubber springs are designed to deliver great ride quality no matter how much load is on the vehicle.


2. Stability

If your pick-up truck has a slide-in camper in the bed, you will most likely experience 2 things: Roll and sway. An air ride system is unable to resolve this issue. Even though the control valves on an air ride system are meant to correct problems with lean, they can’t keep up with the constant shift in weight. Consequently, the camper will continue to roll and sway. On the other hand, Aeon® hollow rubber springs are designed to add stability by reducing roll and sway immediately.  

3. Reliability

Try to imagine an air bag – a thin membrane of rubber – pummeled by a fully loaded pick-up truck. Just like a balloon, when squeezed a little too hard, it bursts. That’s why, in three or four years, it’s quite possible that the air bags will start to leak. On the other hand, Aeon® hollow rubber springs are designed to endure the harsh pounding of a heavy load on a rough road. In fact, we offer a life time warranty with every Suspension Enhancement System kit – something you will never find from any air bag manufacturer.  

4. Ease of installation

Air ride systems have lots of components.  It’s a complicated system! After installing all the pipes, hoses and compressor, you’ve spent a lot of time and money. On the other hand, most SES kits take only a few minutes to install.  [Fact:  The installed price of a Timbren SES kit is about ½ the cost of the average air ride system.]  

5. Ease of use

An air ride system requires that you monitor its use constantly – adjusting the air pressure to match the load, and checking for leaks. On the other hand, there are no pipes, hoses, compressors or air bags to babysit.  After installation, the Timbren SES requires no maintenance whatsoever.  


If you’re sick of difficult installations, poor ride quality and constant maintenance then you may want to consider a different product. Check out our extensive line of Timbren Suspension Enhancement System kits for your vehicle.   Have you used a Timbren Suspension Enhancement System kit? Or have you used air bags? What has your experience been? Share this post around with your friends to save them the headache of air bags.    

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