SES Suspension Enhancements

SES Suspension Enhancements are engineered to provide superior suspension performance under the stress of heavy loads.

Each one of our patented Aeon® rubber springs is engineered to absorb and cushion road shocks and vibration with maximum comfort while keeping your vehicle level.


Our SES Suspension Enhancements have unique features to benefit your truck, van or SUV.

  • Improves Ride & Handling
  •  Almost Eliminates all Trailer Sway & Roll
  •  Easy Bolt-On & Pop-In Installation
  •  Maintenance Free
  •  Satisfaction Guarantee
  •  3 Year Warranty

Steel Brackets

All of our steel brackets & disks are lazer cut before they are painted with a durable long lasting powder coat finish to ensure protection and long life.

Keep Your Vehicle Level

Don’t allow unnecessary stress to your suspension, causing rough ride, headlights aimed
too high and all-around unsafe driving conditions. Use Timbren SES Suspension Enhancements to keep you level.

SES Works So You Don’t Have To

We bet you have lots of things to do, don’t waste time airing up, airing down and all the other maintenance that goes along with airbags, lines & compressors. Timbren SES engages ONLY when you haul or tow and has zero maintenance, cause you have better things to do.

SES Reviews

Don’t believe us? Here’s what others think of our SES Suspension Upgrades.