How To Use Timbren Suspension Enhancement For Vehicle Safety


1. They level your load

There’s nothing worse than trying to drive a truck that – under a significant load – is unbalanced.  Let’s say your pick-up truck has a load of firewood in the back.  Consequently, your suspension is sagging much further than it should… and your headlights are pointing up into the trees…  Suddenly, it feels like you’re trying to steer a boat! The Timbren Suspension Enhancement System will level out your load.  Install a kit on your back axle and watch how it picks up the rear of your vehicle – right back to factory level.  No more headlights pointing into the trees.  Good bye, slushy steering. Your reduced stress and increased confidence will tell you that safety has been restored.  

2. They reduce road shock

Picture this:  You’re pulling a 5th wheel with your pickup truck.  Everything seems fine until you hit a dip in the road.  All of a sudden, you’re dipping and diving (some call it ‘porpoising’) all over the place.  I don’t have to explain how unsafe and difficult it is to drive when your trailer and pickup are doing the hokey-pokey all the way down the highway! A Timbren SES kit will effectively absorb road shock and, consequently, reduce the amount of travel between the frame and the axle of your pickup.  A smoother ride means more control.  And more control means a safe, comfortable ride.  

3. They control roll and sway

If your vehicle is carrying a top-heavy load, it’s not uncommon to experience roll and sway.  When you’re racing down the highway and a large truck passes you, your pickup is going to sway.  When you take a sharp corner, your truck is going to roll over to one side.  On a windy day, you’re going to get both roll and sway… and you will find yourself “white-knuckling” it as you try to gain control of your vehicle. The Timbren Suspension Enhancement System will stabilize your loaded vehicle.  You’ll find yourself relaxed and confident that you and your cargo are going to arrive safely at your destination.  

4. They add durability

Whether you know it or not, your truck takes a beating when it’s under a load.  When it’s extremely heavy, you run the risk of damaging your suspension.  Install a Timbren SES kit on your vehicle, and you will be adding capacity and durability to your suspension. As a result, your suspension is protected.  No more sagging and bottoming out.  No more broken leaf springs.  Needless to say, a protected and well-functioning suspension adds to the safety of its passengers.   Do you use Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems? Does your vehicle feel safer now? Lookup the kit for your vehicle here.

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